Good Morning World

“Good morning!” he says to the world in a cheerful sort of way, hoping his stay in the edublogosphere will be longer than his last attempt at it, of almost two years. He quietly reminiscences wishing he had not used his name in his last blog so he could have kept it. He reflects back on the numerous posts and knows that many of them were not actually about education in the way he wishes they had been.

Back then, he had hoped to add his opinion to various educational and historical topics in a way that would engage others with discussion and find collective solutions to assorted problems and mutual difficulties. However, he learned that as a pre-service teacher he could not hope to do such a thing – having not been in the environment except as a parent and as a student. Believing his age and his ability to use critical thought and logic would overcome this barrier he had, and sometimes it had, it often showed his ignorance in the nuances of the educational world; the world he is soon to enter.

Now…now a little wiser, a little older, and a little more knowledgeable of what he wants to accomplish in his blog, he starts off anew – anonymously. He starts off anew to record his last year at school and his first steps into the world of education as a teacher – first as a student teacher and then, hopefully, as a actual teacher. So he thoughtfully laid out his objectives before himself:

He also considered those items he would not include in his blog:

As the author reread and reflected on his blog objectives and those things he would not include, he understood that the use of the third person pronoun would be quiet silly since he is not royalty or a demigod. And with that…he closes his first blog post and says, “Good morning world and welcome to my blog. I hope this becomes a place where you can find resources, ideas, tools, intellectual engagement, motivation, and, yes, even a place to give encouragement and your own ideas.”

I look forward to getting to know you!

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2 responses

  1. Welcome to the conversation, HT! You’re on my blog roll.

    It’s good to be back Hugh! Thanks!


  2. Welcome again, the edublogsphere . . . It’ll be soooo good to have your comments and thoughts and to trade “war” stories.

    Thanks Miss A! It’s good to be back!


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