A Few Administrative Announcements

Before I begin, I’d just like to include a few short administrative announcements.

My posts are categorized and tagged with various tags. Among those tags you will see a letter-number combination. This combination is the Library of Congress (LoC) Classification system. I am a fairly organized individual and I find it enjoyable to organize my posts by these codes. You will also see my sidebars categorized by these codes as well.

My blogroll is classified according to LoC guidance. I was just going to place blogs on my blogroll if I subscribe to them, but this probably won’t be true. For now it is. Every website you see in my blogroll I currently subscribe to.

Any resource page I have will be categorized by such codes and hopefully this will make it easier to find things.

This blog is best viewed through Firefox 3.0.8 Browser and in 1280 x 800 resolution.

Originally, my plan was to blog no more than once a week.  But that’s just not possible.  I suppose I should say, I will try to post no less than once a week.  But as I collect things around the internet and put them in my notebook (read further for more information), I will probably find things to comment on.

In the future I hope to have links to several projects I am working on for your perusal and comment. One of which is my bookmarks which is filed in foxmarks (a Firefox add-on). I have over 1700 bookmarks and they are organized according to the Library of Congress Classification system (this should make all the librarians out there happy!).

I am also beginning to file various blog articles, individual ideas, etc in Evernote (hattip to Repairman) which you will be able to access and view. I do not currently have a lot in my notebook, but you can take a look at what I do have.

I strongly encourage you to come for a visit in the next few days as I begin discussing in some detail why I want to be a teacher.

Upcoming Posts:

Why I want to be a Teacher (4 part series)

Summer and Fall Schedule

Classroom Placements

Obama, Teachers Unions, and Education

Merit Pay?


2 responses

  1. I love your logo . . .what program did you use to create it AND is it free? I really feel like my blog needs some new things. And I’ve create my own logo and see howthat goes.

    Thanks! I used “GIMP” and yes, it is free! GIMP is basically a freeware version of Photoshop. There is definitely a learning curve, but there are tutorials out there to get you through just about anything. Don’t let it scare you! Once you do a few of the tutorials that you can find online, you’ll be able to do some basic stuff and then you can just experiment with it. If you learn to use GIMP, your ability to make slides for notes and such will just be incredible! Through photoshop (or GIMP), I have been able to make borders and and backgrounds for lesson plan slides that add to the lesson without becoming a distraction.

    The font is called “American Scribe” and it is actually one of the few, if not only, font I’ve bought from here. It is based upon Timothy Matlack’s handwriting. His iconic handwriting is what we see in the handwritten version of the Declaration of Independence. From time to time, you may see another font I use called “18th Century” and it is a free font, which you can download here. I collect fonts and have a number of them from the 15th through 19th centuries.


    1. Thanks, E. I’ll do a tutorial. I think it’s time for a new header for my blog. I’m almost feel like it’s time for a new blog address. I think I want to morph into more professional development. But I still NEED a place to talk about personal issues.

      I understand about the place for personal issues. I think that’s one reason I got rid of my other blog. It was fairly convoluted with issues from so many different areas. I really wanted to focus on just a few areas – thus my objectives list in my first post. I like your blog address by the way. But I understand the need to change! Hey, btw, do you have a facebook account? If so, (and you want to friend me), send me an email and we can set that up. I post website resources there often. Goes for you too Hugh.


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