Summer and Fall Schedule

Well, I don’t want to bore you too much on my upcoming Summer and Fall Schedule, but just as a very quick mention here you go…

Summer 2009 Schedule: (12 hours)

International Relations

Classroom Organization and Management

Physical Geography

Classroom Evaluation and Assessment

Fall 2009 Schedule (16 hours)

Public History (Intern at a local museum)

Teaching Social Studies

Geospatial Information Systems I (& lab)

History of (the state I reside)

Geography of Africa


Spring 2010 Semester (12 hours)

Student Teaching: 7-8

Student Teaching: 9-12


I have thirty hours of classroom observation to conduct in the Fall semester as well. I should receive have received my classroom placement for Organization and Management and I’ll post about that tomorrow. I was told by the clinical studies office that my placement for Teaching Social Studies may be the same as for Management and Organization and it should also be the same as where I will student teach in the Spring of 2010. I’m pretty excited about all this since it marks the end of my school career and the beginning of my (hopefully) teaching career!

Additionally, these are the classes and experiences I will be discussing from time to time in this blog and, more importantly, seeking advice of wise and experienced sage educators such as you who may peruse this blog from time to time (hopefully…*cross my fingers!*).


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