Monday, I scheduled my PRAXIS exams. I take the PLT and History content exams on June 13th, 2009 and I take the Geography and Government exams on July 25th, 2009.

Any advice?


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  1. Advice for the PLT. .. only memorize one theorist and refer to this theorist (pscho theorist) when you’re responding to your essay questions. Think about what that theorist would say for each of the problems. Throw his name in and you’ll be good. Also, when answering these questions make sure that you discuss using research based stratgies & ed jargon that you’ve studied in your ed classes. ex: cooperative learning, scaffolding etc. Don’t talk about the traditional lecture/direct instruction methods.


    1. Miss A, Thanks for the tip. I wouldn’t have thought of these. Of course, I’ve not started studying yet. Is it worth it to borrow/buy a test prep book?


      1. i didn’t. it depends on how much you think you know. I went to the books store and read through 2 books AP world and us history. sort of skimmed. Stuff i wasn’t sure of I looked into. Also, I looked at the praxis “test at glance” on the website and what ever I wasn’t sure I knew, I studied . .example: french revolution. I googled it or looked it up in a book and found out who the key players where and the results: for each of the things on the test at a glance make sure that you can answer: who, what, how and results/impact.

        For the PLT, I did the “test at a glance.” And made a sheet of notes based on that for like the theorist, etc. I used my child psych and instruction methods books I bought for my university courses.

        p.s. this is going to sound like a racist comment, but I feel like it is worth making. Answer using the most “white bred” answer possible. I found that the people who took it here, were answering from their teaching experiences-real life stuff-you need to give them the most “research based” answer possible!


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