Dream a Little Dream…

Last night was a good dream night. I rarely dream. So when I do, I want to have a good dream. A few nights ago this didn’t happen. I basically dreamt someone was following me and at the end of the dream I realized it was probably me who was following me. At the end of the dream, I slammed myself (odd uh?) up against the wall and told me to “be who you are suppose to be. Don’t be me. Be yourself. Be your own person.” It was after telling the person all this that I realized it was me. I didn’t like that dream. It was too…enigmatic?

But! Last night, I had a good dream! The infamous “they” say that when you dream in a foreign language it indicates that you are becoming more fluent in the language. Well, last night, I dreamt my first “teacher dream!” It was nothing major, but I dreamt I was in front of a room full of students. It was the middle of the year and I was replacing a teacher. But the feeling was great! It was my own classroom. I remember that I was loving it, but was very nervous. The classroom had no back wall, so it was open to the hallway…which was odd. And so I was nervous because anyone walking in the hallway could watch me; which I didn’t like (being nervous that is). But the students responded well. It was a quick dream. But I woke up relaxed, refreshed, and in a good mood. The windows were open, allowing a nice cool breeze through the house. The birds were singing, the sun was coming up. Wow, what a great morning!

Now I have to go to Ancient Rome…what a “buzz” killer!

Sigh…such is the way of college though I guess.


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  1. When are those praxis exams?


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