So I took the PRAXIS Exams in June, June 13th to be exact.  Then they took 4 weeks to get me the automated scores.  Go figure.  In Tennessee you have to pass the content and the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) exams for your grade levels and (obviously) content area.  Here are my scores and the required minimum:

World and U.S. History Content:

Required: 136

Scored: 175

PLT (7-12th):

Required:  159

Scored:  176

So I passed both exams with flying colors!!  I’m that much closer to be a “highly qualified teacher!”  At least in Tennessee!  Now I just need to pass the rest of my courses this Fall and student teach in the Spring and I’m done.  I’m taking my GRE this Fall as well and applying for grad school and hope to get a M.Ed in Instructional Technology.


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  1. i knew that you would do well. How much time did you spend prepping?


    1. I didn’t crack one single book. The morning of the exam I took a look at the .pdf from the ETS website on test strategies and that’s the only thing I used for the PLT. I spent no more than 20 minutes on the multiple choice and than kept my time to about 20-25 minutes for each case study. If I ran into difficulty I skipped it and went to the next one and then went back to the others.

      On the History content, it’s kind of funny. In the instructions to the test (when you get the test book), I saw that the proctor would write on the board when there was 30 minutes left. It said nothing about him writing anything up there when 30 minutes had gone by. So I’m taking the test, skipping those I’m having difficulty with, all the usual test strategies. I had actually gone to the end of the test and worked my way back. So I’ve got like maybe 20-30 questions answered (out of 120) and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I see him go to the board to write time on the board. I didn’t bother to actually LOOK at what he was writing, I just assumed he was writing “30 minutes remaining.” So now I’m in a panic, thinking that I have like 80 questions left to answer in 30 minutes! So I start scrambling through reading them and answering as fast as I can. And then I finish the test. It’s at this time I actually look up and see that he had written “1 hr, 30 minutes remaining”!!! I had finished the content in about 45 minutes! So I went back over the questions like twice.

      I can’t imagine how well I would have done if I had actually studied anything!




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