Classroom (Physical & File) Organization (& Management)

I graduate in May 2010 (if you don’t read the blog from time to time) and hope to find a job in the “recession-proof” profession of education (cough, cough) as soon as possible afterward.  In an effort to jump ahead of the power curve and be ready for teaching next year (2010-2011), I want to start seriously gathering resources for the classroom (this will also help with an assignment I have this coming semester).

I’m looking for formats for physical organization methods and such.  I’m not talking about the physical layout of the classroom necessarily, but file management with regards to organizing data on students, significant events, lesson plans, master copies (handouts, etc), ideas, etc…

I’m not interested in just ideas or suggestions, I’m looking for detailed descriptions of specific formats, structures, and methods.

I am fairly anal about organization and do not want to start collecting resources until I come up with a good structure first.  I’m not interested in reinventing the wheel either, so I know someone out there has already done what I’m talking about.

Oh, and just a few details…I’ll be teaching at the secondary level in the social sciences arena in the state of Tennessee.  So I’m looking specifically for organization dealing with those areas.  I’ve thought of two methods: organizing resources by standard/SPI or organizing resources by the curriculum calendar.  I believe the easiest way to organize resources is by standard/SPI, but what are your thoughts?

I appreciate any assistance.


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