The Stinky Student

What a day. I know I’ve not posted in forever. But this one just had to be posted about. I’m currently student teaching in two 9th grade world history classes and one 11th grade U.S. history class.  My 4th period world history class apparently has a stinky student. On a regular basis. It’s bad. No, really. It’s really really bad.  But what makes it infinitely worse is that I have two females who cannot be quiet and they make a huge production about it.  I suppose I can’t blame them, but it’s time to grow up and be mature.  But then I ask myself: was my reaction the correct one? Should I have been more compassionate and understanding? Perhaps, but these two girls are constantly causing interruptions and disruptions. I suppose one could say they are somewhat like the boy who cried wolf or Chicken Little screaming “the sky is falling.”  Eventually, it gets old and I stop listening.

So today when I took them out in the hallway and berated them for their interruption and such, I think I just succeeded in creating unnecessary tension in the room.  Afterward, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. It completely negated the remaining lesson. It was almost pointless to go on at that point – at least in my opinion.  Oh and did I mention that these two girls are athletes?  And all the stereotypes that go with that in regards to special benefits and privileges and treatment?  Yeah, well I’ve never been a big fan of special treatment for anyone.

Tomorrow I have to go back into that room and try to make things right and just drive on. Unfortunately, this is hard to do since I’m just student teaching and will be gone in two weeks. I mean really, what advantage is it to them to improve any relationship they have with me? None, except to not go to ISS. That’s not the way teaching should be done except in extreme cases and these two girls are basically good kids and I actually enjoy them in the room. I think they could add a lot if I could just steer them in that direction.

I hate not having my own classroom. This is one of the things I hate about student teaching. But I must say that during my 2nd placement, this is the worse thing that has happened. Therefore this has been a great placement and my mentor teacher has truly been a “mentor” in every sense of the word. Honestly, everyone should be lucky enough to have a mentor teacher like I have currently.

Any suggestions or comments?


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