Teacher Job Hunt

I am on the search for a job in the middle Tennessee area.  I have a BA in history/education (as of March 7th, 2010).  I am certified to teach history, geography, and government in grades 7-12.  My PRAXIS scores were as follows:  PLT 7-12th – 176; History (CK) – 175; Geography – 740; Government – 760.  I am a retired Army Desert Storm veteran with 21.8 years.  I am willing to coach cross-country and be the assistant coach for any sport.  I am also willing to sponsor a class, the student council, speech and debate, and most any other student organization.

I believe my previous experience in the military will benefit any school district in which I work.  It provided me the opportunity to work in various environments, under extreme conditions with individuals from diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.  During that time, I was responsible for, among other things:

– the training and care of anywhere from four to forty individuals

– coordinating with other offices for the completion of intelligence requirements

– the completion of numerous intelligence products in response to specific requests from higher headquarters or questions from subordinate units and intelligence consumers

– daily intelligence briefings

During my time at school (1995, 2006-2010) I have achieved a 3.5 GPA while often working two part-time jobs to remain my family’s primary wage-earner, and staying involved with my family. I am a member of Phi Kappa Phi (top 10% of the senior class & 2nd oldest interdisciplinary honor society), Phi Alpha Theta (History honor society), and the National Forensic League (Debate and Speech National Honor Society).  I was a peer mentor for incoming freshmen and a peer tutor for a history survey class.  I was also a registration assistant.  I was also asked to speak on a regular basis to incoming freshmen at the university’s extension campus on a local military installation, which was composed of mostly non-traditional students.  Most recently, I have been working as a student assistant in the university library.

My resume is available upon request from a verified school district.  I can be reached via the comments section. If you leave a comment with your email address, I will not post the comment but I will send a resume to the email address.


2 responses

  1. Would u be willing 2 leave tn?


    1. I’d rather work in TN for at least 3 years. Afterward, I would be willing to leave TN. I’d like to gain tenure and get my professional license. This would make it easier elsewhere when I decide to leave.


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