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Blogging stinks.  I see people (albeit few) who view my posts but rarely do people comment.  I’d really like to know why. Are the posts so bland and uninteresting that they don’t want to waste time?  Do they capture their interest quickly enough to get past a 3 second scan-and-go? If not, why not?  I’d rather someone leave a comment with constructive criticism of my posts, style, etc than to leave no comment at all.  At least if they leave constructive criticism I have an idea where to go to make it more interesting, beneficial, etc.

But I’m sure no one will leave a comment to this either.


One response

  1. don’t give up hope. Remember you had many followers before and you will again. It takes time to build a following and few faithful readers/commenters.

    Your last post was so dense I wanted to sit and read through the entire thing again before commenting. With everything that is going on here, I haven’t made the time. So, maybe “deep” posts should be broken up into bit size pieces. You said so much about the grading system . . . and a lot of people still don’t quite get “assessment for learning” and standards based grading.

    The other thing I notice is that most of the peeps who comment on my blog do so on the weekend. Give it until the weekend when teachers have more leisure time.


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