Yeap, I did it!  I graduated!  Boy was it awesome.  But at the same time it was somewhat anti-climatic.  I’ve been through so many graduations and milestones in the military that this just didn’t compare.  For all the work and effort I put into these three years, the ceremony itself was somewhat of a let-down.  I remember graduating from jump school in 1985 and after we hit the ground on our fifth jump they put us in formation and had a graduation talk right there and pinned our wings on us and gave us our certificates.  THAT was a graduation I won’t soon forget!  I felt like a part of a brotherhood that can never be taken away.  When I was promoted to Sergeant First Class the ceremony was wonderful.  I won’t soon forget that either.  When I was awarded my Defense Meritorious Service Medal AND Joint Service Achievement Medal at the same time, that was a ceremony I won’t soon forget (after all it’s not every day that someone is presented two medals at the same presentation!).

All of those achievements were notable.  But I did not put into those achievements all the effort, the struggle, the sacrifice, the worry, or the concern that I put into these last three years.  I think the ceremony should have been equal to the sacrifice and the struggle and the effort.  I suppose that is why I did not tear up during the ceremony except when the national anthem was playing or when the ROTC cadets took their oath of office.  Both of which reminded me of my military service and brought to mind those great times.

After those military ceremonies I felt changed, I felt different somehow.  Right now, I don’t feel all that different except that I have no pressing due dates for portfolios, papers, projects, etc.  Furthermore, I hope to start graduate school this summer, so it just starts all over again and I’ll feel the same again.  Blagh.  Not looking forward to that.

I believe I am going to get my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Instructional Technology.  But if I get a job first, I’ll just do a graduate program as I have time.

So I am looking for a job.  If you know of one, pass it along to me or pass my info along to them!


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  1. congratulations. my graduation was anti-climatic, too! It didn’t feel like much. hopefully, someone will be calling you in few weeks.


    1. That would be completely awesome! As long as it’s not like a lawyer or a bill collector or a federal marshal or the Army or the IRS, FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, DHS, or the DoD!


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