My daughter’s blog

This is the first blog I will recommend to others.

My daughter has a blog. And it’s better than mine. She’s eleven. She writes wonderfully, very creative. She has good organization and great logic in her structure.  Yes, I’m bias. But even as a critic I would still appreciate her effort and her style.  There are certainly some things she can and will improve on as time goes on. Grammar is naturally a problem but she is only eleven. I’m looking forward to reading more of her posts and hopefully seeing her grow through writing. She’s the kind of girl every teacher would want in the classroom, except that she tends to be very quiet and hates to ask questions.  She shows a very mature, subtle sense of humor – but she will emphatically tell you she’s not funny! But she is – in a good way not a way that would embarrass her.

Her aspirations? Her immediate goal is to be in all advanced 7th grade classes and receive multiple academic awards at the end of next year (she received one academic award this year – English Language Arts). Her medium range goal is to be accepted into Harvard University and her long range goal is to be an ER surgeon.  She has a heart of gold and super sweet. She’s a perfectionist and very goal-oriented. She’s super creative and enjoys painting and making jewelry.  Check her out. Leave her a comment.  Encourage her.

The name of her blog is actually “No, It’s Aimee” (it reflects on the spelling of her name. She thought of it, no one else helped her.  Right now the name of her blog is “I am a princess, every girl is…” But that’s my fault. I’ve not helped photoshop her a new blog header.  Anyway, here’s the link.


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