Grad School (2)

Well, as it would happen I am going to graduate school. I’ve not found a job for next year and I doubt I do. There is only one history/social studies job left open in my county. It is a 8th grade social studies position (there’s also a 6th grade social studies position).  I doubt I get the 8th grade position.

So I’ve registered for grad classes.  I’m somewhat torn about it.  I’d rather have a steady income and employment than more schooling. However, I know many, many teachers have master degrees. I’m getting a M.A.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Instructional Technology.  My first class starts Monday and it’s called “Instructional Design.” It runs till about the second week of July. Then I start my second grad class called “Research in Education.”  I don’t know.  I’m glad to finally be doing something and not just sitting around.

Everyone I know tells me that I shouldn’t worry, that I’ll have a job. But that’s so easy to say when you’re not the one looking for a job. I suppose I should apply to two other districts. But I know one of them is not hiring for any history positions. The other one is a very urban district with many, many problems and have had several schools taken over by the state.  Additionally, I really don’t feel like driving the over 45 minutes one way to get to a job I probably won’t enjoy and would come to loathe.

Geez.  If I had known then what I know now, I would not have gotten my degree in history/education. I suppose I should have got it in elementary education. As a male elementary teacher I wouldn’t have had a problem finding a job.


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