Not that anyone reads this, but maybe I’ll get some answers…

So here’s a question: What can I do to put real student work on the walls on the first day of school?  I’m not talking about elementary (“Who Am I”, etc) type of work, I’m talking about real, actual evidence of learning and inquiry.  It’s been a problem for me the last four semesters. I mean it would be easy to say, “Here, fill this out” or “Here, color this map”, etc. I don’t want to just put up lists of “This is what I’m going to learn this semester.”

I teach alternative school students and they don’t take kindly to being patronized. They are very quick in seeing through “busy” work or work just for the sake of putting something on the wall and are quick with voicing their discontent.  So I need something that is legitimate and real.


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  1. Denise Richards | Reply

    You can always start with a graffiti board and have students write their expectations or personal goals for the year. When they are ready to leave the school, compare the end result with the original post.


    1. Not a bad idea. Thanks. I’ll have to put that in my bag of possibilities!


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