Gumball Machine with Erasers

I saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it. It looked cool and I thought it just whimsical enough that my students would really enjoy it.  Well, I put it together and my 9th grade daughter and 10th grade son both thought it was cool and are upset that I’m taking it to school. It works really well. My daughter said she wouldn’t leave my room if she was in it provided I got the metal straw dispenser for pencils I plan on getting.  I want my room to be inviting and a place students enjoy. Being in an alternative school is already bad enough. I want to make it at least tolerable – not easy, tolerable. Not forgetting the actions that got them there, but willing to give them a 2nd or 3rd chance. (I’ll post better pictures tomorrow).


4 responses

  1. Where did you get the machine? I wanted to try it, but worried that a cheap machine would jam up.


    1. I got the machine at Toys R us for $19.99. They have a smaller one for about $10 or $12. The large one has a very fragile glass ball. The smaller one has a plastic ball. So if you’re worried about it getting broke in a classroom, go for the smaller one. Also, some schools won’t allow glass in the classroom. So make sure your school is cool with the glass. It hasn’t jammed up yet. And, I have the added bonus of putting the mechanism back in that makes students spend maybe 5 cents per eraser.


  2. Hello! I saw a pin on pintrest with this idea so I got myself a gumball machine but I am having an issue with the erasers sticking. Have you had that problem? If so, how did you fix it?


    1. Sorry Jessi, I meant to reply to this earlier and then forgot. I did not have a problem withe the erasers sticking at all. If anything, my problem is more than one eraser coming out at a time. I got my gumball machine at Toys-R-Us if that makes any difference.


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