Thought for the Day – August 28th

“fortis et strenuos etiam contra fortunam insistere spei, timidos et ignavos ad desperationem formidine properare.”

Tacitus, Publius Cornelius, Historiae. AD 117.  II. 46.
SEE (English):
SEE (English):
SEE (Latin):
“…the brave and the energetic cling to hope, even in spite of fortune; the cowardly and the indolent are hurried into despair by their fears”
“…men of vigour and courage cling to their hopes even in the face of disaster: it is only cowards who let their terror hurry them into despair”
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NOTE: Tacitus is quoting Plotius Firmus, the Prefect of the Guard (A.D. 69) , who is speaking to the Emperor Otho (Jan – Apr 69).  He is asking the emperor not to abandon his men and to keep courage.


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