Video for the Day – December 7th

I’ve selected two videos that represent the military for this day. December 7th means a lot to many Americans. It was the day the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and over 3,600 military members were killed or wounded and the U.S. was brought into World War Two. Christmas is a hard time for any military member around the world regardless of country allegiance. I hope you enjoy these two videos and think about those men and women who are not with their families during this time.

“White Christmas” – Bing Crosby
NOTE: This song was released in 1942. It became a favorite of U.S. military members deployed overseas in combat theaters. It reminded them of home and was often requested for radio play.

“A Marine’s Christmas Song” – USMC Master Sgt. Robert Allen
NOTE: Master Sgt. Robert Allen wrote and sung this song for his wife and it has taken off with many military members since then. As a retired U.S. Army disabled veteran, I know the pain that comes with separation and missing special days.


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