Thought for the Day – February 23rd


“ὦ παῖ, νέος εἶ, προϊὼν δέ σε ὁ χρόνος ποιήσει πολλὰ ὧν νῦν δοξάζεις μεταβαλόντα ἐπὶ τἀναντία τίθεσθαι: περίμεινον οὖν εἰς τότε κριτὴς περὶ τῶν μεγίστων γίγνεσθαι, μέγιστον δέ, ὃ νῦν οὐδὲν ἡγῇ σύ, τὸ περὶ τοὺς θεοὺς ὀρθῶς διανοηθέντα ζῆν καλῶς ἢ μή.”
Plato. Laws. 888B,
SEE (English):
SEE (Greek):Νόμοι/I
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NOTE: Today is my oldest son’s 16th birthday. Therefore, I dedicate this quote to him. Happy birthday son. I love you more than words can adequately express. I am proud of all you’ve accomplished and even more proud of all you will accomplish.


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