Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting, Part 6

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting

In the final post on this series, I conclude with some final thoughts about the process and expound on its positive elements.

At the end of the semester and the EOC review, they have all the answers for the review and are completely prepared for the EOC test. The EOC review has about 60 questions on it. I feel in this way, I can prepare students for the standardized testing and, at the same time, give them a more thorough grounding in U.S. history. They see the EOC questions in context of the times.

I do not use multiple choice, true-false, or matching for assessments. I do modify assessments for those who require it in accordance with their IEP. This is the method of assessments I have used the last three years. I am changing it next year and I will post that method at a later date. I am considering using a mix of multiple-choice, true-false, essay, and short answer in the future. But I just haven’t decided how.

My students respond well to these exams and I believe it helps them with long-term memory and with building on basic skills all students need. I see it as my job to set these students up for success when they return to their school. So many of them have absolutely deplorable skills that it’s no wonder they fail and create problems for themselves. I see this method as a “positive assessment” method since it rewards effort and right answers.

I rarely have students cheat during this process and when I do I talk to them about my disappointment and how I know they don’t need to. I give them examples of when I’ve seen them succeed without cheating. I talk to them about respect and how I’ve respected them. I ask them if I’ve ever disrespected them. And then tell them how they’ve disrespected me by cheating. This is done in private. I do not embarrass them.

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