Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting, Part 5

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting

In this post, I discuss the Unit Review & Unit Exam. The Unit Exam serves as the summative assessment for the collective standards covering a specific time period. The summative assessment, or Unit Exam, is based largely off the EOC review along with other questions to place the EOC questions in a historical context.


Page #1, Unit Review

Unit Review:

  • Very simple “copy/paste” of responses from chapter assessments, notes, & key terms/questions
  • 30 questions normally
  • Repetition reinforces recall
  • Permits students & teacher to review anything a student may have missed or we need to reinforce
  • Very simple 30 points
  • Often I permit students to complete this together
  • Count number right and not the number wrong
  • Students correct incomplete or incorrect responses after being graded

Unit Exam:

  • Unit Review in mixed up order normally
  • Worth 100 points
  • 30 questions; each question worth 4 points
  • Students only need to complete 25 questions
  • Partial credit is awarded
  • I ignore questions with no response
  • I encourage students to attempt even the smallest response to a question so I can award at least one point
  • Students rush through at course’s start
  • By course’s end, students are taking the entire block and there is little “white space”

In the next post I complete this series with EOC information and final thoughts


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