Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting, Part 4

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting

In this post, I discuss how I assess those things the students learned in the prior steps. This may be the most important part of the learning & assessment process for my students since it gives them so many options and empowers them to be trusted.


Page #1, Chapter Assessment

Chapter Assessments:

  • Given at end of each chapter
  • Consists of 10 questions
  • Partial credit given for partial responses
  • Left-side of assessment
    • Student starts assessment on this side
    • Responses are without notes
    • Do not erase mistakes
  • Right-side of assessment
    • Student completes assessment on right-side
    • Completed with notes
    • Used for making corrections/completing a question
  • Cheating occurs but is rare
  • Worth eight points;
    • Each question worth one point
    • Questions not counted wrong; counted right
    • Up to full credit for left-side responses
    • Up to half credit for right-side responses
    • Credit is combined for left & right-side responses (maxium 3/4 credit)
  • Method allows students to give partial responses on left side and finish on right side with notes
  • It admits that we all forget stuff
  • Students reaction:
    • Speed through assessment at course start
    • Answer more on right side (with notes) at course start
    • By course’s end, taking 45 minutes or so to ensure responses are more robust.
    • Answer more on left side (without notes) by course’s end

In the next post I will discuss the unit review and the unit exam.


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