Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting, Part 2

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting

Here I give you the first part in that process. This introduces students to the standards and objectives


Page #1, Key Terms and Questions

Key Terms, Questions, etc:

  • Students:
    • don’t know basic school skills necessary & need to know these skills to succeed in regular schools regardless of current grade level
    • have gone through school cheating or not doing work
    • use textbook to find answers; requires more thought since questions are not out of the textbook, but from the EOC review
  • Emphasis is on effort, not correctness
  • Worth 25 points
  • 10-15 points deducted based on incomplete work or not putting forth serious effort
  • If incomplete, they receive the point deduction, complete it, and/or possibly given a negative referral
  • These questions will be on the chapter assessment
  • Also includes other assignments & activities (primary sources, videos, etc) These questions may be on the chapter quiz.

In the next post I will discuss the lecture notes part of the process.


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