Actual Conversation in an Alternative High School Classroom

Setting: 5th period Contemporary Issues class. Students are talking about how good my classroom smells with the candle wax burner.

Student #1: That smells like cinnamon rolls

Student #2: That smells like something a woman would buy. I bet your wife bought that for ya.

Me: If they sold it, I’d buy woodshop candle wax.

Student #1: Oh yeaaaah. That would be awesome. Like walking into Home Depot or something.

Me: Yeah, nothing would be better than woodshop candle wax and bacon candle wax.

Student #2: Yeah, well I bet your wife still bought it for you.

Me: Nope, I bought it. It’s apple and cinnamon. My wife and I don’t really agree on most of our candle scents. I like stuff like this and she likes…woman stuff.

Student #2: Well, yeah…she *is* a woman.

Student #1: So you and your wife have no ‘common scents?’

Me: haha…I see what ya did there. No, I guess we have no common scents

Student #3: Why does it always smell like feet in here?

Me: Because I collect the toe jam from my feet and combine it with gelatin and create candle wax with it.

Student #2: Gross.

Me: Yeah, cause I’m totally serious about that.

I LOVE snarky, sarcastic alternative high school students


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