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Weekly Planner Templates

This school year we had to switch our schedule around. We receive students from about 5 different high schools. Four of them are on block schedule. But one of them decided to switch to periods as a “pilot program” (as if you really need a pilot program when the district has already done it previously and when half the nation is on periods as well). Because we have to serve students from all the high schools, we have to have periods and blocks. So we are divided into 7 periods + lunch / character ed and 4 blocks. 1st & 2nd period = 1st block, 3rd & 4th period = 2nd block, 5th & lunch = 3rd block, 6th & 7th period = 4th block. Additionally, I had all new standards for all my subjects (5 preps). This has been a very trying year for me. I had created a MS Word document for 4 blocks that I used prior to this year. But I couldn’t use it for 5 preps this year. I really didn’t have anything & I was growing frustrated. I don’t like to use just paper copies. I prefer to create my weekly planner digitally & then print it out  and then make modifications as needed.

This last weekend I finally managed to create a 5 subject weekly planner on one sheet of paper. It does not have much room to write things, but can be used fine digitally. I offer it here for you if you should need one & like mine.

Weekly Planner Master Copy (MS Word .doc file) (requires downloading two fonts: Univers-Light-Light & CG Times)

Weekly Planner Master Copy (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file)

Pencil Dispenser

I saw someone use a metal straw dispenser for pencils on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find a metal straw dispenser in my town and I didn’t want to spend $30 for one on the internet (which I thought was outrageous). So I saw this and decided I would use a stand up dispenser until I find a metal one for cheap. This cost me $9.99 at T.J. Maxx and it holds 70 pencils which cost about $5.50 at Wal-Mart (which was still expensive in my opinion).

Gumball Machine with Erasers

I saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it. It looked cool and I thought it just whimsical enough that my students would really enjoy it.  Well, I put it together and my 9th grade daughter and 10th grade son both thought it was cool and are upset that I’m taking it to school. It works really well. My daughter said she wouldn’t leave my room if she was in it provided I got the metal straw dispenser for pencils I plan on getting.  I want my room to be inviting and a place students enjoy. Being in an alternative school is already bad enough. I want to make it at least tolerable – not easy, tolerable. Not forgetting the actions that got them there, but willing to give them a 2nd or 3rd chance. (I’ll post better pictures tomorrow).