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Video Clips that are Crucial for High School Classrooms

I have found that there are times in the classroom where you have to use a video clip to truly express yourself to students. This way they get the full cinematic effect of what they have just done or said and the impact it made on you.

Here for your viewing and saving pleasure are the clips I have saved:

Language warning (minor vulgarity):

Blog Recycling…

6777832757_5b18021703_zThe Past
This blog has been for daily quotes &  lasted about 15 months. I enjoyed doing it, but it took a long time to create each one. You can see them here. I verified each quote as accurate and included the source and other information about it. The longer I did it, the more in-depth it became. The blog went silent in October, 2013.

…till now.

I want to use it now for my PLN. It will be a place to collect & organize educational resources, to reflect or expound upon twitter discussions, and reflect on lesson plans. You can find me there in the following groups: #SSchat (Mon, 7-8pm EST), #edchat (Tues, 7-8pm EST),  #TNedchat (Thurs, 8-9pm EST), #nt2t (Sat, 8-9pm EST), #slowedchat, and some others.  I also want to create a discussion for military veterans who are now educators at #MilVetTeachers.

I organize the blog by the Library of Congress classification system. I know this comes across as OCD. But really, I’m not. I promise.  …mostly.  You will find all the categories on the Archives page here.

Read File & PLN links
I use this space to save links that I want to research later. Maybe you will leave your thoughts about the links. You can see them here. These links are not to be confused with links to websites that I consider part of my PLN. You can find that list here. These lists will continually change, as I take links off my read file and blog about it and/or add it to my PLN links or a educational resources page.

In case anyone has read this far, I appreciate it and look forward to interacting with you. If you are on twitter, let me know. Even if you do not follow me, chances are I will follow you.


(“Trusy Lookout” by Jared Eberhardt is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Video for the Day – December 25th

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” – Excerpt
Linus’ explanation of the true meaning of Christmas