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A Note about December Quotes

Tomorrow is December 1st. December is an important month for many people throughout the world. I am a Christian. I will not force my beliefs on you. I will not attempt to convert you.

I want to invite you to join with me this month in 25 days of quotes where many of them celebrate giving and charity – not all the ones I selected for this month deal with it though. However, every day I have attached a video that has nothing to do with the quote, but it does celebrate Christmas or this holiday season. Some are funny, some are non-religious, some are culturally significant, and others are religious and even sacred.

I know many of you may not celebrate Christmas and may even be offended by it. I’d like to remind you that as a geography teacher I teach my students about many religions and religious celebrations throughout the year that are predominant in various cultures. I do not encourage them to celebrate those events, but we do talk about them and learn about them. Education is the key to understand other peoples and cultures and lessening the likelihood of war.

If you do not celebrate Christmas, I’d like to invite you to join with me on a journey of 25 days exploring a Christian celebration and/or a part of a American/European cultural phenomenon (that’s not to say that it is not celebrated in other parts of the world). Look at these quotes and videos as your own personal tour into this culture and celebration from a very American/European perspective (if I may be so bold as to state that!).

Finally, even if we can’t agree on religious beliefs, we can hopefully agree in the spirit of giving and charity that is so prevalent during this time of year. Tolerance is not about agreeing on everything. It is about understanding another person’s right to believe as they choose. Voltaire is often misquoted as saying, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” However, the idea relayed by Evelyn Beatrice Hall when she summarized Voltaire’s beliefs in that statement is true. So I invite you to join with me during this time to enjoy some great quotes and some great videos. May they comfort you and bless you and lift your spirits up to do great and wonderful things.