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Thought for the Day – September 2nd, 2013


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Thought for the Day

About a week ago, I started posting a Thought for the Day over on Facebook at Thought(s) for the Day. I’ll be posting a regular thought for the day from now on. These are the same quotes I share with my class at the beginning of each period (along with a one minute “Today in History” video from AP News).  Please feel free to join (aka: “Like”) that page and enjoy the quotes every morning.  Each of these quotes deal with character issues: virtues, vices, courage, honesty, responsibility, perseverance, change, options, etc (since I work in an alternative school, I figured I would focus on those issues)

These quotes are not like the quotes you see anywhere else on the internet. At least that I’ve been able to find. Along with these quotes I cite the exact source to include the book, speech, interview, TV show, movie, etc and a URL where you can find it yourself if you’re so inclined. I also list any additional information that I think others might find interesting. I did this because I’m tired of seeing quotes that wrongly attributed (ex. Reading a passage in a book that cited “a woman named Jackie Robinson” for some quote when we’re talking about THE Jackie Robinson baseball player.) or the quote has been modified or whatnot (similar to the old game where you tell the first person in a line something and they share it with the person behind them, etc till it gets to the end of the line and it’s something completely different.

These quotes can be used for character education, lesson plan intros, or putting up on the wall for that matter. I enjoyed doing it and after this year (366 quotes were prepared – one for leap day in 2016), I’ll do another year’s worth of quotes and probably focus on liberty, freedom, and other aspects of society.

You can also find these quotes over at Google Docs. They are bundled together by month in PowerPoint file format. But Google Docs changed the format quite a bit so you need to read the READ FILE before doing anything. I also uploaded every single file in JPG format so you see how they actually look. Everything you need to use these files is located in that Google Docs folder. So feel free to do so. Here is the Thought for the Day for today, July 25th. This is what each of them look like. They are all exactly the same in format.