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A Child’s Heart

I wrote this poem in February 2009 before I started teaching. I still believe it’s true after teaching for 5 years now.

A Child’s Heart

Intelligence isn’t so smart,
when dealing with a child’s heart.
Tell a child he isn’t bright,
and you’ve just increased his plight.
Success isn’t measured on a scale;
for a child’s ego is just too frail.
Hugs, encouragement, and smiles,
will help him to prevail in the trials.
Letting him know that failure is okay,
as long as we try the very next day.
Intelligence, and its measure,
should be in the perseverance we treasure.
Trials endured,
love assured,
goals completed,
fears defeated.
These are the things that make a person smart…
when you’re dealing with a child’s heart.

Thought for the Day – May 30th


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Thought for the Day – May 14th


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