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3rd Company, 121st Infantry Regiment (German)

These pictures are from an old group portrait I bought at a flea market in Stuttgart, Germany in about 2004. This is the 3rd Company, 121st Infantry Regiment (Reserve) from their reserve time between 1895-1897. The unit was part of the 52nd Infantry Brigade, 26th Infantry Division, XIII Corps. I often wonder what became of these men. If they fought in World War One and if they lived or died during the war. It would be interesting to know their names. At any rate, it is quite the conversation piece in my classroom.

Thought for the Day – Friday, October 25th, 2013



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Thought for the Day – May 18th


„Es bildet ein Talent sich in der Stille,
Sich ein Charakter in dem Strom der Welt.“
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. Torquato Tasso: A Play. 1790
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