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World Geography Mission Statement

After my first year teaching I found that I lacked a sense of cohesion that connected the first unit to the last unit. I am retired military (21+ years) and drawing on that background came to realize that I needed a mission statement with approaches and objectives in the hopes that this will strengthen my teaching for next year.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the high school world geography class is to impart to its students a natural understanding of one’s place in the world[1] which is essential to good citizenship[2]. By linking scientific factors alongside sociological, psychological and historical reasons[3], students will understand the complex and unpredictable world[4] in which they live and use that understanding to make independent, informed decisions[5].

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Blog Recycling…

6777832757_5b18021703_zThe Past
This blog has been for daily quotes &  lasted about 15 months. I enjoyed doing it, but it took a long time to create each one. You can see them here. I verified each quote as accurate and included the source and other information about it. The longer I did it, the more in-depth it became. The blog went silent in October, 2013.

…till now.

I want to use it now for my PLN. It will be a place to collect & organize educational resources, to reflect or expound upon twitter discussions, and reflect on lesson plans. You can find me there in the following groups: #SSchat (Mon, 7-8pm EST), #edchat (Tues, 7-8pm EST),  #TNedchat (Thurs, 8-9pm EST), #nt2t (Sat, 8-9pm EST), #slowedchat, and some others.  I also want to create a discussion for military veterans who are now educators at #MilVetTeachers.

I organize the blog by the Library of Congress classification system. I know this comes across as OCD. But really, I’m not. I promise.  …mostly.  You will find all the categories on the Archives page here.

Read File & PLN links
I use this space to save links that I want to research later. Maybe you will leave your thoughts about the links. You can see them here. These links are not to be confused with links to websites that I consider part of my PLN. You can find that list here. These lists will continually change, as I take links off my read file and blog about it and/or add it to my PLN links or a educational resources page.

In case anyone has read this far, I appreciate it and look forward to interacting with you. If you are on twitter, let me know. Even if you do not follow me, chances are I will follow you.


(“Trusy Lookout” by Jared Eberhardt is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Thought for the Day – Saturday, October 26th, 2013


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