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Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting, Part 1

learning & formative and summative assessment methodLike all good teachers I’ve given a bit of thought to the learning and assessment process. I can’t say what works for me and my students will work for you and your students. My findings/conclusions are:

  • Lesson planning is easier
  • Redundancy helps to achieve mastery of a standard/topic
  • Only one student failed to achieve proficient* in the End-of-Course (EOC) Testing at the end of the class (8 semesters)
  • Students:
    • like the process & learn to excel at basic student skills
    • feel in charge of their learning; they have options
    • operate better within daily/weekly structure
    • feel secure for part of the day while home environment may be chaotic

In the next part I discuss the “Key Terms, Questions, et al.” This is the first part of my chapter process. I should note that this is the way I was doing each chapter/unit from 2011-2014. With new standards starting for 2014-2015, I am starting a new process that I will blog about later.

*The student intentionally failed the EOC test as attested to by other students.

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting, Part 2

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting

Here I give you the first part in that process. This introduces students to the standards and objectives


Page #1, Key Terms and Questions

Key Terms, Questions, etc:

  • Students:
    • don’t know basic school skills necessary & need to know these skills to succeed in regular schools regardless of current grade level
    • have gone through school cheating or not doing work
    • use textbook to find answers; requires more thought since questions are not out of the textbook, but from the EOC review
  • Emphasis is on effort, not correctness
  • Worth 25 points
  • 10-15 points deducted based on incomplete work or not putting forth serious effort
  • If incomplete, they receive the point deduction, complete it, and/or possibly given a negative referral
  • These questions will be on the chapter assessment
  • Also includes other assignments & activities (primary sources, videos, etc) These questions may be on the chapter quiz.

In the next post I will discuss the lecture notes part of the process.

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting, Part 3

Assessment Process in an Alternative School Setting


Page #1, Notes and Questions

Lecture Notes:

  • Can also include primary sources & videos
  • Collective effort; process
    1. Discuss question
    2. Teacher leads the “lecture” / discussion
    3. Students & Teacher decide upon response
  • EOC review questions from Key Terms are tied into lecture notes
  • If incomplete, I have them complete them prior to turn-in
  • If habit forms, they are given a negative referral and a zero
  • Worth 10 points
  • I supplement the chapter quiz with questions from the lecture notes.

In the next post, I will discuss the chapter assessment, which is an important part of the process. Perhaps even the crux of the whole process because of the power and the options it puts into the hands of the students.