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History Typography Print

This 20″ x 12.5″ in size and 300 dpi. It should be print quality. Please let me know if it’s not.


History Typography Poster - 300dpi

I’ve seen things like this before except for other words, and I’m a U.S. history teacher and really LOVE fonts and typography so I wanted to try my hand at it.. I feel the font you use is an extension of the word you’re using and expresses it that much more. This is the result of probably 24 hrs over 3 days. It has 42 different fonts in it. All but one are free from different websites. This was done using GIMP 2.6.7. There are about 45-47 different layers in the image. I probably still have the original file somewhere around here if you’d like to try your hand at it. You’ll have to find the fonts on your own though!

Fonts include:
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