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Writing A Classroom Mission Statement

Seth Godin at MIT, 2013

Seth Godin at MIT, 2013

Seth Godin, well known American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and speaker, has written a bit about mission statements. He had this to say about it,

It’s so easy to string together a bunch of platitudes and call them a mission statement. But what happens if you actually have a specific mission, a culture in mind, a manifesto for your actions?

The essential choice is this: you have to describe (and live) the difficult choices. You have to figure out who you will disappoint or offend. Most of all, you have to be clear about what’s important and what you won’t or can’t do.”

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Thought for the Day – April 30th


Albert Einstein, conversation with Pat Miller, William Miller, & William Hermanns, 112 Mercer St, Princeton, NJ “Death of A Genius,” Life, 38-18 (May 1955):1-64.
(As quoted by) Miller, William. “Death of A Genius.” Life, May 2, 1955. pgs 61-64
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Thought for the Day – September 12th

Beecher, Henry Ward. “Advice to His Son”. Pennsylvania School Journal, Volume 51, 1902, p. 346
SEE: http://books.google.com/books?id=3eUBAAAAYAAJ
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NOTE: Apparently advice written from Beecher in a letter to his son.