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My First PLN Additions


@Fearless_Teach runs the Fearless Teacher Blog

In the past I’ve had “blogrolls” that included blogs that I added just somewhat helter-skelter.  It also included websites that I regularly visited for education or history resources. This time around, I’ve decided to list those resources under ZA3038 Information Resources. Under the home page, you can find that heading. If you roll over it, you’ll see a pull-down menu of other headings and there you will find education and history resources that might normally be in a blogroll.


@ChEdTn runs the South Class blog

My “blogroll” is now called LB1730 PLN links and will include only those websites of other educators or groups I regularly interact with that fit into the “PLN” mold (not “mold” as in “a furry growth of minute fungal hyphae occurring typically in moist warm conditions, especially on food or other organic matter” but “mold” as in “a distinctive and typical style, form, or character.” But I digress). So I will be adding these individuals more slowly. The first two I’m adding are two individuals who, while not exactly typical of a alternative high school history teacher’s PLN, are very encouraging and good sounding boards. It says a lot when I say a 1st year assistant principal for a regular elementary school is part of my PLN! Anyway, if you don’t know them or haven’t connected with them on Twitter, do yourself a favor, and look ’em up & follow them both and check out their blogs.

South Class ran by @ChEdTn (Mrs. South)


Fearless Teacher ran by @Fearless_Teach (Traci Logue)

Two fantastic educators and women.

P.S. SUPRISE! @ChEdTn & @Fearless_Teach! :)